The Czech Republic has made a landmark ruling in favour of same-sex adoption.
Last month the court in Prostějov, south Moravia, ruled in favour of the adoption of 10-year-old twins by a gay couple, who live in the US.
The gay married couple, adopted the children as babies in San Francisco, but as one of them is French, he had no right to Czech citizenship.
After the twins visited their grandmother in the Czech Republic, they have been granted Czech citizenship.
The French father says it will make travelling in Europe easier
The Czech father, a financial director in the US, said: “Now we can be granted Czech citizenship, thanks to which we can move to the Czech Republic told local media.
“Our travelling across Europe will be easier and the boys will have their door to Czech schools open,” he continued.
“The twins feel very well in the Czech Republic and they would like to stay here.”
The ruling was enabled by a change in legislation, which allows Czech courts to recognise foreign rulings on adoption.
While a wide-reaching ruling on same-sex adoption is still to come, this decision, taking over three years to reach in US courts, provides a glimmer of hope to the gay community in the Czech Republic.